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A number of IEA member countries have found it efficient and cost effective to co-operate on research, demonstration and exchange of information regarding advanced motor fuels to develop new and improved technologies and facilitate their introduction into the market.This collaboration takes the form of a technology collaboration programme under the legal guidance of the International Energy Agency (IEA). All countries concerned about energy and environment in the transport sector, whether or not they are members of the IEA, are welcome to join this international effort and share this experience.

We are facing a diversification of energies and vehicle technologies in the transport sector. Working together makes it easier to define the proper pathways for the future. The participating governments designate a government organisation or a private entity (for example from industry) as their representative to the programme. The Technology Collaboration Programme on Advanced Motor Fuels was launched with 5 participating countries in 1984. Today 17 countries are actively involved in the programme and form a most interesting and efficient network.

Those interested to participate as observers at the meetings of the AMF Executive Committee with the intention of joining the programme are welcome to contact the AMF Secretary: Dina Bacovsky