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How to join


How to join the Advanced Motor Fuels TCP

Participation in one of the IEA´s technology collaboration programme such as the AMF TCP is based on mutual benefit to the technology collaboration programme and the interested newcomer.

The Secretary will provide you with details on the AMF TCP and invite you to attend an Executive Committee (ExCo) meeting as an observer. By attending or even hosting an ExCo meeting, you will become familiar with AMF.

Contracting parties to AMF are usually governments. Therefore, you need to seek support from your government to join the AMF TCP. The government will later appoint a delegate and an alternate delegate to represent the contracting party in the Executive Committee.

Alternatively, it may be possible to join as a sponsor, without the need for the government of your country to join. Special terms and conditions apply for sponsors.

Financial obligations of membership will include:

  • An annual membership due; currently 10,250 EUR 
  • Funding for participation of an ExCo delegate at two annual meetings
  • Cost-sharing contributions to tasks in which you wish to participate; cost shares range from 10,000 EUR to 100,000 EUR

Participation in tasks can take place through cost sharing and/or task sharing. The institution participating in a task does not necessarily need to be the institution of the ExCo delegate.

The AMF Secretary and IEA Secretariat will guide you through the formalities of joining the Technology Collaboration Programme on Advanced Motor Fuels.